Meet Kaye Vaughan. You may say that she has education in her blood. Prior to coming to the University of Richmond, she worked in the public school system. She started in the Robins School of Business in 2000 assisting with what was then the Management Institute.

As the program grew and transitioned into what is now known as Executive Education, Vaughan’s passion, dedication and loyalty helped her grow with the program. Now director of programs, she leads a team of three in developing, executing and evaluating programs for Executive Education.

The Robins School’s Executive Education program provides non-credit leadership, management and executive development programs to organizations around the country and is comprised of two distinct branches. They offer customized programs for companies looking to develop the talents and skills of their employees. The Executive Education team will assess company needs, identify strengths and then isolate opportunities for growth, ending in a tailored educational program targeting key performance areas.

On the other side are open enrollment courses. Here, any individual or group can sign up to benefit from a variety of classes that cover everything from developing communication skills or enhancing leadership skills to getting an Advanced Finance Certificate.

The combination of programs is highly functional. “It allows us to develop relationships with the business community,” says Vaughan. Former dean Jorge Haddock adds, “The Executive Education program structure allows for the flexibility to react and develop initiatives for the current market conditions.”

Through Vaughan’s leadership, the program has had outstanding growth, becoming a strongly profitable entity within the Business School. “It’s exciting,” Vaughan says. “I’m proud to be a part of this team. I love the people I work with on a daily basis and the access to business knowledge and new trends.”

One such trend is the increasingly important focus on international aspects of business. From this perspective, Vaughan has been able to collaborate with the Robins School International Programs department to find better ways to incorporate global learning. “It’s a whole new world for me. I am thrilled to have such an amazing opportunity. Through Executive Education, we can disseminate business knowledge worldwide. From a personal level, it allows me to learn and experience new cultures.”

On a broader level, Vaughan says she enjoys witnessing the life cycle of a program, designing it and seeing it come to life as students learn and practice a new skill set. She looks forward to seeing the program continue to grow, and ultimately hopes it will develop into a program that has its own dedicated building that can provide the venue and resources needed for a top-notch, internationally-renowned Executive Education program, including hotel-like rooms for overnight stays.