Do you remember how relieved you were in school when the teacher announced that the quiz would be “open-book”? We hope this quiz will be a fun way to discover the Osher member information that is available in each Osher semester schedule, and to make the most of your Osher membership.

The first five Osher members who answer all the quiz questions correctly will each win a prize from the Osher office. All of the answers to the quiz can be found in your Summer 2011 Osher schedule.

Now for the quiz. Find the page number in the Summer 2011 Osher schedule that contains the answer to each question. Please email your answers, the page numbers, to by June 1, 2011. And don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions—we are committed to helping you make the most of your Osher membership! We can be reached at: Debra Guild, or (804) 287-6608; Jane Dowrick, or (804) 287-6344.

Osher Open-Book Quiz: Osher Member Benefits and Information

For each question, identify the page number in the Osher Summer 2011 Schedule that contains the answer and email your answers to

  1. How will I find out where my Osher class will be held?
  2. What’s an “Interest Group” and how do I join?
  3. How can Osher members get involved in volunteering for the Osher Institute?
  4. What’s a “One Card” and where can I get one?
  5. What privileges do I have at the UR Libraries?
  6. What do I use as a library card in the UR Libraries?
  7. Where are Osher members allowed to park on the UR campus?
  8. Do Osher members get a discount for Modlin Center Performances?
  9. How do I obtain my UR ID and Osher parking tag?
  10. When is the Osher schedule of courses and programs published and mailed to Osher members?
  11. What is the “Osher Insider”?
  12. What are the Summer 2011 Special Events?
  13. What is “Osher After Five”?
  14. What is the web address for the UR campus map online?
  15. What are the Osher social networking opportunities, and what is the Osher WIKI?
  16. What UR credit classes are open for Osher members to audit?
  17. What is the advantage of a “Gold Plus One” membership?
  18. Where can I find a chronological list of all the Osher classes for the Summer 2011 semester?
  19. Where does the name “Osher” come from?
  20. What are Osher member benefits at the UR Technology Learning Center (TLC)?
–Jane Dowrick (Photo by Tim Hanger)