David ’08 and Daniel ’11 Marquardt, brothers from Salt Lake City, Utah, have started a family tradition of attending the University of Richmond and studying in the Robins School of Business.

Initially, David was attracted to the University’s beautiful campus and after seeing that the Business School moved up on BusinessWeek’s Top Undergraduate Business School list, he decided to major in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

In his current role as assistant brand manager for Philip Morris, USA here in Richmond, David has been able to apply concepts learned through his marketing courses.

“My marketing courses did a great job preparing me with the tools to communicate the brand values of cigarette products to adults who choose to enjoy them,” he said.

Daniel made a campus visit while David was enrolled at the University and was sold from that moment on.

“I had the advantage of visiting University of Richmond while my older brother [David] was here, allowing me to become familiar with everything that UR was about. All great things,” Daniel said.

Daniel trusted his older brother’s experience and advice again when he had to decide on a major.

“He had a large amount of influence in my decision to major in business. Although I did not choose the same major as David, I was able to receive his great reviews of several courses and interactions that he had had, which was enough to convince me.”

Daniel, an accounting major with a Spanish minor, recalls that Dr. Al Fagan was also instrumental in guiding him towards the field.

“I took [Dr. Fagan’s] accounting class during my sophomore year, and he actually pulled me aside after class and urged me to consider becoming an accounting major. At the time, I was finance major, but after my conversations with Dr. Fagan, he showed me the potential I would have in the accounting industry.”

Upon graduation this spring, Daniel will intern with KPMG in Washington, DC, and then attend the University of Virginia’s Master of Accountancy program in the fall.

The Marquardt family legacy at the University of Richmond has opened another chapter with youngest brother, Michael, who enrolled this fall and has future plans to major in business as well.  However, David insists that both of his brothers decided on the University for their own reasons as well.

“Both my brothers are very independent, so they might have ended up at UR without my influence,” he said.

Now with all three brothers in Richmond, David thinks fondly of what the future may hold for them.  “I do remember as kids we used to talk about what it would be like to always live and work together our whole lives.  Maybe it’ll come true.”