Students chose The Richmond MBA program for many reasons. Some want to work their way up within their current organization, and others might desire to build a foundation in business that they might not have gained from their undergraduate experience.

Just as the reason a student chooses to go back and get their MBA varies from person to person, so does the reason why current students call The Richmond MBA program home. 

Lauren Bifulco ’06, a part-time student who works as a hiring and operations consultant for (a national online hiring site), was influenced by her positive undergraduate experience when considering where to go back and pursue her MBA degree. 

“Living in Richmond, and as an alumna, I knew that it was the place where I felt comfortable.  The Robins School had already helped me so much as an undergrad that I was confident I would get the same experience from The Richmond MBA Program,” she said.

Bifulco said that the MBA program has been instrumental in easing her through a job transition, and she is confident that going through the program will help set her apart from her colleagues and open doors for a management opportunity.

“Between the networking aspect of the program and the curriculum, I've learned valuable lessons about relationships and business needs that have helped me fine tune my skills for management.”

Hayes Schildwachter is a full-time JD/MBA candidate who completed his undergraduate coursework at Vanderbilt University.  Schildwachter was initially attracted to the University of Richmond because of the strong curriculum in the School of Law program, but decided to simultaneously pursue his MBA to diversify his background. 

According to him, “The Richmond MBA is a great opportunity to expand my experience beyond the traditional legal education while not drastically extending my time commitment for graduate studies.”

Schildwachter sees The Richmond MBA program as being instrumental in his desired field of transactional law post-graduation. 

“The MBA degree provides an ideal supplement for a transactional lawyer through such course offerings as accounting and finance.  The ability to have an inherent understanding of the companies you represent both structurally and strategically offer an unparalleled advantage as a deal lawyer.”

Justin Williams is another part-time MBA candidate who works in the treasury department at Wells Fargo Advisors.  He is a graduate of James Madison University.  Williams chose The Richmond MBA because he knew he did not want to stop working and he wanted a program with a rigorous curriculum.

“I choose The Richmond MBA program because I wanted to pursue my MBA in a part-time program while going to a top tier school. The strong reputation of the Robins School of Business, students, faculty, and program were very important to me,” he said.

“Here at Richmond, the faculty and student interaction is exceptional.  People are willing to go out of their way to help you any way possible as long as you are willing to ask.

Looking to the future, Williams sees The Richmond MBA program as providing a network for him to explore career opportunities as well as providing him with a general business foundation.

“The Richmond MBA is helping me to develop technical skills  in finance as well as a broad business background, which will be an addition to my treasury background. Also from current students, faculty, and the vast Richmond MBA network, I will be able to explore different areas of finance to determine where my interests lie.”

Prospective students are encouraged to contact The Richmond MBA office for more information on the program and admissions requirements.