After spending 15 years in the United States and completing his MBA coursework in 2010, Ian Dillon made the decision to return to the Republic of Panama and assume the role of associate partner of Isthmian Construction Services (ISC) in Panama City.

 “The decision to move back [to Panama] was facilitated by the fact that the economy has been growing at an unprecedented level due to a rise in foreign investment, tourism and the Panama Canal expansion project,” he said.  “Aside from being a center for shipping and international banking, Panama is slowly becoming a hub for international corporations operating in Latin America.”

Panama’s natural beauty, outdoor activities, culture and warm weather are just additional perks of relocating, said Dillon.  He also enjoys being closer to his family again.

In his professional life, Dillon is committed to the success of the start-up business, ISC, and is anxious to apply concepts he learned in The Richmond MBA program in his career.

"I am passionate about helping this company succeed as the best construction management and consulting group in Panama,” he said.

A typical day for Dillon often includes meeting with potential clients, writing proposals and discussing  prospectiveprojects and strategy with his colleagues.  “Opportunities abound in Panama; the challenge is identifying the right opportunities and maintaining a clear vision of what you want your company to be.”  

Dillon, whose resume includes The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company; Graniterock; and Drum, Loyka and Associates, LLC, sees his MBA degree as adding value to his overall professional image.

“More than anything my MBA has given me more self-confidence than I previously had,” he said.  “I am much more willing to assert myself and voice my opinions, and I think this has and continues to help me tremendously in my professional life.”

Dillon’s classmates were an integral part of his learning experience within The Richmond MBA program: “I think that getting to know so many of my fellow students made the whole experience more wholesome and worthwhile," he said.

In terms of curriculum, Dillon’s favorite course was economics with Dr. David Dean because it increased his knowledge of basic economic concepts.  “In the past, I had struggled to develop a comfort level with economics. Professor Dean presented in a very clear and understandable format, and I left his class with a firm grasp of the basics.  That knowledge has helped me understand what I read in the newspaper, both on a local and international level." 

Dillon is a member of the The American Society of Civil Engineers, The U.S. Green Building Council, and Golden Key International.  He received his bachelor’s in civil engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.