TLP and ELPS alumnus Randy Wright has published a book, I'm Running for President Too, which is now available on Amazon/Kindle Books. The book blurb reads as follows:

Why is Randy Wright running for President? Simple. He’s got unusual, compelling, better answers to the tough questions Americans are asking of today’s candidates. In his first book as a presidential candidate, Randy Wright, an award-winning teacher and businessperson, explains why he is running, offers real reforms to the election process, unravels the Second Amendment conundrum, offers overdue Constitutional amendments, and opens a dialogue about diversity.

He also proposes economic, military, transportation, and environmental policies, as well offering his views on education.

Finally, Wright expounds on the Liberty Bill, a bill he wrote for Congress, one in which his students testified before a House subcommittee on the bill’s behalf. The Liberty Bill will fundamentally change America’s standing in the world and will inspire you to call Congress yourself and fight for the cause.

Image from Amazon