Spring 2021 degree program class schedule available, registration opens November 18

November 2, 2020

The spring 2021 online schedule of SPCS degree program classes is now available online for viewing and planning. Registration opens for continuing and newly admitted students on Wednesday, November 18 at 9 a.m.

In response to the University’s physical distancing framework and spring 2021 plans, and following the success of the fall 2020 semester, we’re offering hybrid and online classes this semester.

Hybrid classes refer to classes where in-person and online instruction are combined.

  • Includes up to 8 on-campus class meetings. Specific dates are indicated for each class.
  • All other class meetings held remotely unless otherwise notified by the instructor. 

Online classes refer to entirely remote instruction with no on-campus class meetings.

  • Live online delivery: Weekly live online sessions as scheduled, typically via Zoom (synchronous).
  • Online instruction: Semester-long online learning, no live sessions (asynchronous).

To ensure the safely and health of our community, the semester will start on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. To accommodate this later start date (the original start was one week earlier), there will be no spring break. The semester will end as scheduled on May 1, 2021.

BannerWeb Registration

Because of the semester’s unique scheduling needs, the information found in the SPCS course schedule is more detailed than will appear in BannerWeb. When you visit BannerWeb, be aware of the following:

  • Hybrid classes may be called online and hybrid in BannerWeb, depending on the number of on-campus class meetings.
    • Only on-campus meeting dates will be listed in BannerWeb.
    • Weekly class meetings should be assumed, either on-campus or remotely, unless otherwise notified by the instructor.
  • Live online classes will show a standard weekly schedule, generally delivered via Zoom.
    • Assume weekly class sessions unless otherwise notified by the instructor. 
  • Online instruction classes will not show class schedules. No live remote sessions are scheduled for these classes.

Questions about scheduling and registering should be directed to your advisor.

COVID-19 Response

As we continue to prepare for the spring, the health and safety of the campus community is of paramount importance in our planning efforts. Ensuring the health of the campus community is our shared responsibility, and it will require a sustained commitment from all of us as we modify the way we live, learn, and work together. We have made necessary adjustments to conform to public health guidance to promote health and safety.

We’ll provide updates throughout the fall and into the spring as our implementation plans are finalized or should aspects of these plans be enhanced or modified. Please regularly check the SPCS COVID-19 response page, your @richmond.edu email and follow SPCS on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates.