SPCS expands UR alumni discount, now applies to entire program of study

November 22, 2021

The School of Professional & Continuing Studies has expanded its discount on academic coursework for University of Richmond alumni. The Spider Spirit alumni discount offers a 25% discount to an entire program of study, rather than an individual class, for all eligible graduates of University of Richmond degree programs.

University of Richmond alumni who have earned an academic certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, post-bachelor’s certificate, graduate certificate, master’s degree or juris doctorate are eligible for the the Spider Spirit alumni discount.

The Spider Spirit alumni discount offers University of Richmond alumni a 25% savings on tuition over the lifetime of a degree program when a member of the alumni enrolls in a degree or certificate program through the School of Professional & Continuing Studies. This 25% tuition discount is also applicable to individual courses taken for credit as a non-degree seeking student in SPCS.

The discount is easy to request. Eligible graduates of a University of Richmond degree program simply indicate their desire to receive the discount when completing the demographic portion of the application. We’ll confirm eligibility and share the discount details with the Office of Financial Aid and the Student Accounts office. Semester bills will reflect the discount.

Graduate tuition for 2021-22 is $665 per semester hour. When applied toward a 30-hour master’s degree, the Spider Spirit alumni discount saves just under $5,000. When applied to an 18-hour graduate certificate, the discount saves just under $3,500.

Those seeking a valuable short-term academic credential in Data Analytics, Information Security, Information Systems or Paralegal Studies can also apply the Spider Spirit alumni discount to a post-bachelor’s certificate at undergraduate tuition rates, currently $530 per semester hour. That saves over $2,300 on an 18-hour post-bachelor’s certificate to earn an academic certificate for under $7,200.

There are some limited exclusions to the Spider Spirit alumni discount:

  • The discount can’t be applied to earn a second bachelor’s degree or to UR Summer School classes.
  • The discount can’t be combined with other discounts or reductions.
  • The discount applies only to tuition, not books or materials.
  • The discount can’t be applied to a master’s degree in the same discipline or field of study as a graduate certificate earned through SPCS.

The discount applies to the following available programs of study. Future programs of study, unless otherwise noted, will also be eligible for the discount.

Post-Bachelor’s Certificates of Applied Studies (charged at undergraduate tuition rate)

Master’s Degrees (charged at graduate tuition rate)

Graduate Certificates (charged at graduate tuition rate)

To learn more and to review FAQs, visit our Spider Spirit Alumni Discount page.