“We need to focus on local gerrymandering as much as state gerrymandering,” Chesterfield County resident Tavorise Marks said with regards to the county’s redistricting proposal.
Shaban Athuman/Richmond Times-Dispatch

Tavorise Marks, C'18, quoted on Chesterfield redistricting plans

February 24, 2022

SPCS Alumni Update

Tavorise Marks, C’18, was quoted in an October Richmond Times–Dispatch article as a respondent to Chesterfield County’s redistricting proposal. The article, “Chesterfield Residents Say Proposed Boundary Lines Seek to Protect Incumbents, Ensure Republican Majority,” described the response of county residents and Democratic party officials to the county’s redistricting proposal.

Marks was among residents gathered outside of the Board of Supervisors meeting where the county’s proposal was discussed. Residents gathered outside ahead of the public hearing at the county government offices on Iron Bridge Road, hoping to catch the supervisors who routinely walk across the courtyard after their dinner break before the evening meeting session.

Marks completed a Certificate of Applied Studies in Paralegal Studies in 2018 through SPCS. He currently serves as a member of the SPCS Alumni Association Board of Directors.