Andrew Schoeneman earns promotion to associate professor of nonprofit studies

February 28, 2023

SPCS Faculty Update

Dr. Andrew Schoeneman, chair of the SPCS nonprofit studies program, was promoted to associate professor of nonprofit studies on the recommendation of Dean Jamelle Wilson and upon approval by the Board of Trustees.

Dean Wilson’s recommendation highlights four areas of achievement — teaching, program development & administration, scholarship and service — that Schoeneman has demonstrated in his work in SPCS. These four areas are documented in the SPCS Standards for Promotion and provide a framework for the promotion committee to make their recommendation for promotion to the dean.

In teaching, Schoeneman consistently commits to provide classroom exeriences that position theories from studies of nonprofits with practical application of those theories. Wilson commends Schoeneman for exposing students to practitioners and experts from local nonprofits. She writes that “this connection between the classroom and nonprofit sector within the Richmond region is central to [the School’s] goal of impacting the community through the programs we offer.” 

In program development and administration, Schoeneman has worked to enhance the nonprofit studies program and to increase its impact on the Richmond region and beyond. He’s accomplished this through systematic program review and curriculum development, revising the curriculum to include newly relevant courses and experience in the nonprofit studies program, and actively advocating for student research and publishing opportunities. Notably, Schoeneman raised the profile of our program by achieving accreditation through the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC) through 2027, aligning the nonprofit studies curriculum with NACC standards.

In scholarship, Wilson points to Shoeneman’s peer-reviewed articles, presentations at peer-reviewed conferences, and multiple collaborative research projects in development to demonstrate his accomplishments. Wilson points toward ways our students benefit from Schoeneman’s scholarship, remarking that his decision to tie scholarship into teaching and program administration “allows our graduate students to benefit from his knowledge and thinking about his subject matter, which is deepened by his scholarly endeavors.”

In service, Schoeneman is recognized throughout the campus as a committed, engaged member of the SPCS and University communities, serving those communities with a focus on process, collaboration and mission orientation. He also serves communities beyond the University, leveraging volunteer efforts with community organizations to engage students in our nonprofit studies program with their work.

The Board of Trustees recognizes Schoeneman’s commitment to high quality teaching and support for his students, innovative program development, exemplary scholarship, and University citizenship. He, and others across the University who were promoted, will be recognized further by the President and Provost in March.