The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported Feb. 12: 

"A 95-year tradition at the heart of St. Christopher's School is changing because of its association with two Confederate generals from Virginia.

The private Episcopal school in Richmond is changing the names of its elementary literary societies from the Lees and Jacksons to the Chamberlayne Reds and Chamberlayne Grays in honor of school founder Churchill Gibson Chamberlayne. The school's colors are red and gray. The changes take effect next school year."

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Terry L. Price offered this opinion:

"I think it is a mistake to equate the name change with a missed chance to understand our history. ... Having a literary society or building or scholarship named after an individual insulates that person's character from critical discussion more so than it prompts moral reflection and analysis. ... If they want students to understand these two men, with all their virtues and failings, they are better served moving away from a practice that necessarily implies veneration."

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