Sandra J. Peart, dean of the Jepson School, is featured in an article in Inside Higher Ed on the unique academic leadership at the University of Richmond, where four of the five deans are women.

"When Sandra Peart arrived on the University of Richmond’s campus in 2007 to head its Jepson School of Leadership Studies, she was a bit of an outsider. While the university had had female deans in the past, she would be the only woman in the deans' council meetings for about two years.

It wasn’t a problem, she said. Coming from the field of economics, she was used to being the only woman in the room. She worked well with the male deans, she said; she never felt disrespected or discriminated against, and she and the four other deans would joke about the situation.

The tables have turned fairly dramatically since then. In the last two years, three outgoing male deans in the colleges of law, business, and arts and sciences have been replaced by women."

Peart became the fourth dean of the Jepson School in 2007 and is a distinguished scholar with special expertise in the history of economic thought and political economy, especially in the context of ethical leadership.