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September 8, 2014

For the Centuries: UR Centennial Online Exhibit

In September of 1914, co-ordinate colleges Richmond and Westhampton opened their doors to students for the first time at their new campus, a short three miles west of the city, at the former Westhampton Park. It was the first opening ever for Westhampton College, and the first since moving from downtown for Richmond College. The new campus was the culmination of five years of location scouting, designing and building, as well as a decade and a half of fundraising, lobbying and planning on the part of the visionary young president, Frederic William Boatwright, and his colleagues.

In order to celebrate the foundation of the coordinate colleges at Westhampton along with the people involved, Boatwright Memorial Library chose to create a digital collection showcasing blueprints, photographs, publications, maps, ephemera and more from the time surrounding the campus’ relocation. Assembled from a number of different archives and collections, these items have been described, digitized and organized to make the site easy to navigate and explore. Visitors can see buildings that have changed substantially in purpose and shape through the decades, those that have not, and designs and plans for portions of buildings and the campus that have never been built. Insights into the first graduates of the new colleges, in their own words, are presented, as well as a chance to explore where generations of graduates called home. Through these diverse perspectives, the new campus can be discovered from a variety of different paths.

Deriving its title from Boatwright’s inspiring words, For the Centuries offers a window into the move of Richmond College and the founding of Westhampton College. This celebration of the new campus encompasses the people, the land and the creative architecture that went into creating it. Through photographs, drawings and documents, visitors can explore the evolution and development of Greater Richmond College as it was planned and built "for the centuries."

-Angie White, Digital Production Coordinator
Image Credits: Virginia Baptist Historical Society and University Facilities

UR Scholarship:  Preserving and Promoting University Research

The University of Richmond’s research repository, UR Scholarship, archives and preserves the scholarly and creative work of faculty and students. All types of material are included in the digital archive, such as articles, working papers, conference presentations, book excerpts, case studies and other professional contributions authored by faculty. The repository also highlights the best in student work, such as honors theses. The library has a long history of collecting faculty and student materials in print and now we are making it available to a wider audience.

The repository uses Digital Commons software that assures the the stability and safe storage of materials now and in the future.  As an open access platform, scholars and users from all over the world are discovering the work of UR faculty and students.  Faculty receive monthly statistical reports describing the number of hits and downloads and they are enthusiastic about the results. Recent faculty comments about the respository include:

"Thanks so much for putting up my work; I can hardly believe how many people have already read it."

"Thank you for your work to assemble the research repository, this is a valuable asset to the University."

"I need your help with making my scholarship accessible on the web as much as possible."

The University Libraries and the Law Library provide this service free to the campus community. Library staff manage the entire process of contacting publishers for copyright permissions, scanning materials and uploading or linking to articles, book chapters and excerpts.

-Lucretia McCulley, Head of Scholarly Communications

Library News
Redeeming the Time Exhibit: UR Centennial 1914-2014
Redeeming the Time: Exhibit for the Centennial of the UR Campus, 1914 - 2014 is on display on the 2nd Floor of Boatwright Library.
International Film Series - Fall 2014
International Film Series starts in September of 2014.

Upcoming Events and Library Workshops

"Redeeming the Time: UR Centennial Exhibit"
Archival Exhibit in Boatwright Library, 2nd Floor
August 23, 2014 - November 21, 2014

"A Centennial Celebration: The Original Architecture of the UR Campus"
John Alley, Adjunct Professor, SPCS
Wednesday, October 8, 12-1, Seminar Room 1

In Common Program: "Voting Rights"
Hank Chambers, Professor of Law
Monday, October 1, 12 - 1, THC 305

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