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May 26, 2015

Dr. Richard Coughlan

MBA Community:

The word “project” is everywhere in an MBA program, including the three stories in this newsletter. Generally, professionals tend to think of “project” as a noun: “A task or problem that requires careful work over a long period of time.” But your favorite dictionary also offers this definition of “project” as a verb: “To propel forward.”

So, as you read in this newsletter about: (1) the capstone project that Lake Wagner just completed with Interbake Foods; (2) the international consulting projects our students did in Ecuador last spring; and (3) the research projects that Nicholas Gomersall is involved in at DuPont, I invite you to consider how those projects have propelled our students forward in their careers. 

The Richmond MBA places great emphasis on exposing our students to meaningful business-based projects throughout the program. We believe very strongly that successful completion of this kind of work, especially when guided and evaluated by an engaged professor, is an important feature in today’s MBA offerings. We are grateful to the many businesses who help make this a reality. 

Richard Coughlan
Senior Associate Dean
Robins School of Business

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