Vincent Wei-cheng Wang, professor of political science and associate dean at the University of Richmond, is a member of an international delegation invited by the government of Taiwan that will observe the country’s Jan. 14 national elections.  

Wang’s group includes five American professors and seven international journalists from Italy, Poland, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, Czech Republic and Iceland. Taiwan’s president, Ma Ying-jeou, a member of the Kuomintang Party, is running for re-election. He is opposed by Tsai-Ing-wen, chair of the Democratic Progressive Party.

"Because Taiwan's election entails geopolitical implications, it has attracted a high degree of international interest. Hundreds of international observers and journalists are on hand to follow this important election," said Wang.

Wang will discuss the experience during a two-hour webcast Jan. 20 hosted by the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

Wang has taught at Richmond since 1996 and served several years as chair of the political science department. He was appointed an associate dean of the university’s School of Arts and Sciences in November. He specializes in Asian governments and politics, international relations and comparative politics.

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