University of Richmond student Manyang Kher  will travel to New York City Nov. 30 to pick up another award for his nonprofit organization, Humanity Helping Sudan.

Kher will receive the Humanitarian Award from Applause Africa magazine, which identifies and celebrates Africans in the Diaspora who make a significant difference in the global African community. Since 2011, the organization has presented African Diaspora Awards to scholars, entrepreneurs, creative artists, musicians, actors and others.

Last year, Humanity Helping Sudan received $10,000 as a finalist in the VH1 Do Something Awards competition.

One of 20,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan,” Kher spent 13 years in refugee camps, before coming to the United States, where he learned English, graduated from J.R. Tucker High School and enrolled at Richmond as an international studies major. For four years after coming to the U.S., he lived at Virginia Home for Boys and Girls. He never forgot his homeland, however, and created Humanity Helping Sudan to help improve living conditions for Sudanese refugees living in Ethiopia.

Humanity Helping Sudan will also benefit Dec. 26 from a fashion show and dinner fundraiser in Atlanta, organized by Très Bon, a group of fashion designers.

Humanity Helping Sudan has three objectives: to address massive food shortages by providing fishing nets, supplying chickens and repairing wells; to provide agricultural training; and attend to the health and medical needs of the refugees. For more information, visit

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