Members of the University of Richmond community plan to participate in the NAACP’s “America’s Journey for Justice” when it comes through Richmond tomorrow, Sept. 12.

The 860-mile march from Selma, Ala. to Washington, D.C., started Aug. 1 and is designed to raise awareness about education equity, fairness in the criminal justice system, sustainable jobs and living wages and voter access. 

Eleven UR faculty and staff are facilitating an educational workshop today in advance of the NAACP march.

Julian Hayter, assistant professor for leadership studies, and Eric Yellin, associate professor of history and American Studies will lead a session, titled "From Protest to Politics to Protest: The Long Civil Rights Movement Today." 

Additional topics will be covered, including understanding four pieces of legislation proposed by the NAACP and tactics and understanding of political non-violence.

“This historic opportunity really resonates with members of our campus community,” said Andrew Goodman, campus rabbi and director of Religious Social Responsibility. “We believe it is our obligation to educate students about the history, policies and culture surrounding the NAACP march, which will make it more meaningful to those who choose to participate.” 

Students who attend the workshop today will be invited to participate in the march, alongside the faculty and staff already committed to the event.

Goodman will lead UR’s involvement in the march tomorrow, which will start out from Grace Baptist Church, 4200 Dover Rd. early Saturday morning.

For information, visit the University of Richmond’s website.

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