The University of Richmond is hosting a panel discussion Oct. 6 at 5 p.m. on the book “Mapping the Cold War by rhetoric and communication professor Timothy Barney. The event is being held in the Carole Weinstein International Center, International Commons.

“Mapping the Cold War” explores how maps, often only part of the historical background, are actually important articulations of American national interest and international aspirations.

“Maps aren’t typically the stars of the show, although it is notable how active maps and mapping were during the Cold War era,” said Barney. “The more maps I looked at, and the more I saw the geopolitical conceptions of the world associated with them, the more I realized that maps weren’t just reflecting Cold War realities but were undeniably active in shaping them.”

The panel will include Barney and three other UR faculty members, including noted Civil War historian and president emeritus Edward Ayers, visual resources librarian Jeannine Keefer and associate professor of history and international studies David Brandenberger. Each panel member will discuss the ways “Mapping the Cold War” intersects with their fields and research.

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Associate Professor
Interim Chair, Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies
Visual rhetoric
Discourses of space and place
Cold War public address
Eastern European political culture