Beginning with the class of 2021, the University of Richmond will offer a new scholarship program aimed at motivating students in historically underserved communities to excel in high school and be better prepared for college.  

Through an online program called, 9th through 12th grade students at eligible under-resourced schools can now earn what are called micro-scholarships from University of Richmond for individual achievements, such as taking an advanced course or participating in extracurricular activities. For example, students could earn the following scholarships:

  • $200 for taking 3+ years of science courses
  • $500 for attending Boys State or Girls State
  • $1,000 for taking an AP (advanced placement) or IB (international baccalaureate) course

The new program allows students to track specific goals they want to accomplish throughout high school, helping them become more competitive college applicants and more successful college students. Further, Richmond’s program will allow students to earn toward their portion of their financial aid package that is often covered by jobs or work-study.

“This new program fits in perfectly with Richmond’s commitment to access, inclusivity and affordability,” said University of Richmond dean of admission Gil J. Villanueva. “We look forward to working with to impact the lives of many young Americans throughout our nation.” is a social enterprise focused on expanding access to higher education, especially among low-income and first-generation students. was developed in response to the fact that most scholarships and grants are awarded by colleges at the end of high school, which is after a student has already done well or not, applied to a college or not and been accepted or not. That’s often too late to impact a student’s college ambitions or choices. has partnered with a diverse set of nearly 150 schools including University of Richmond, Georgia Tech and Carnegie Mellon. is free for students and also provides a free portal for high school counselors to help students track their progress.

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