The University of Richmond Downtown’s fall TAKE 30 event series will focus on “Election Season 2016.”

This annual event includes three 30-minute discussions focusing on important questions for the Richmond area, led by university faculty and community leaders.

Events include:

Sept. 29: “None Like It in the Nation: How Richmond Elects Its Mayor”
John Moeser, senior fellow at the University of Richmond’s Bonner Center for Civic Engagement, will lead this discussion. His research focuses on racial segregation, politics and political power in Richmond.

Oct. 27: “Historical Context, Future Possibilities: The 2016 Richmond Mayoral Election”
Jepson School of Leadership Studies professors Julian Hayter and Thad Williamson will co-lead this session. Hayter’s research focuses on modern U.S. history and American political development during the mid-20th century within the broader context of modern African American history. Williamson’s research focuses on the intersection of theories of social justice and public policy, particularly as applied to urban politics and economic policy. He was appointed by Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and recently completed a one-year term as the first director of the Office of Community Wealth Building.

Nov. 17: “The Nationalization of State Politics – It Didn’t Require a Virginian on a National Ticket”
Jeff Schapiro, a politics columnist at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, will present this topic. Schapiro has covered Virginia elections and the state capitol for 30 years.

All events are free, open to the public and held at 4:30 p.m. at UR Downtown, located at 626 E. Broad Street.

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Associate Professor of Leadership Studies
Modern African American History
American Civil Rights Movement
African American Politics in Richmond, Virginia
American Political Development after 1945
Associate Professor of Leadership Studies and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law
Urban Politics and Sprawl
Community Economic Development
City of Richmond Politics
Sports, Justice, and Ethics