University of Richmond launches its strategic plan, 'Forging our Future, Building from Strength'

May 11, 2017

The University of Richmond is launching the institution’s next five-year strategic plan, “Forging our Future, Building from Strength.”

The strategic plan will help ensure access to a comprehensive, high quality and distinct educational experience for students and encourage active participation and engagement across the university community. “A vigorous commitment to academic excellence will continue to be the defining characteristic of a University of Richmond education,” said University of Richmond President Ronald A. Crutcher.

“This plan lays out our shared goals for the coming years and will help ensure the University of Richmond’s place as one of the preeminent institutions in the country,” said Crutcher. “We are preparing our students to contribute to, and succeed in, a complex world and modeling the way that colleges and universities can effectively meet the challenges of our time.”

The completed plan focuses on the following five pillars:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Access & Affordability
  • Thriving & Inclusive University Community
  • Enhanced Alumni Engagement
  • Stewardship in a Changing World

The plan also defines a core set of institutional values, which are expressed in a manner that pays homage to the university’s unique SPIDER mascot. The values include: Student Growth; Pursuit of Knowledge; Inclusivity and Equity; Diversity and Educational Opportunity; Ethical Engagement; and Responsible Stewardship.

More than 4,000 members of the university community, including faculty, staff, students and alumni, helped shape the direction of the strategic plan. “From the beginning we have sought and been committed to widespread involvement so that the perspectives of the entire university community could impact this important work,” Crutcher said. “I greatly appreciate the time and thought that individuals gave to the strategic planning process.”

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