Racial Violence and Radicalism Among Topics Explored in Upcoming UR Events

Conference and Teacher Institute Look at Historical Significance of the Year 1919
February 7, 2019

The University of Richmond School of Arts & Sciences will host a series of programming  March 1-2 focusing on the year 1919.

The two-day event, “1919 and its Legacies: Race, Nation, and Conflict,” explores the larger historical significance of events that took place in 1919 and the long-term legacies for both  the City of Richmond and for racial justice on a national and global stage. 

“From the Red Summer and the Red Scare in the U.S. to the anticolonial revolts and nationalists uprisings around the world, the year 1919 was a critical moment in the history of racial violence, radicalism, state suppression, and nationhood,” said Patrice Rankine, dean of the School of Arts & Sciences. “It’s been 100 years and is perhaps more important than ever to continuing fostering these conversations.”

Programming includes: 

March 1: 1919 and Its Legacies: Race, Nation, and Conflict Conference
This conference, which is open to the public, includes panel sessions, a lecture by American University’s Ibram X. Kendi, and a dance concert.

March 2: 1919 and its Legacies Teacher Institute
Led by UR history department faculty and curriculum specialists from Richmond-area schools, this teacher institute provides Richmond-area high school teachers with both content and instructional training. The institute focuses on how to incorporate the events of 1919 into the classroom while introducing topics that correlate to SOL topics in Virginia and U.S. history. Participating teachers will be offered certificates for recertification points.

A detailed schedule of events and registration details are available online. Registration for both events are required.  

This event is part of the School of Arts & Sciences 2018-19 themed programming, “Contested Spaces: Race, Nation and Conflict.”  

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1919 and Its Legacies: Race, Nation, and Conflict is a part of American Evolution’s statewide series of education programs, signature events, and legacy projects aimed at building awareness of Virginia’s role in the creation of the United States and reinforcing Virginia’s leadership in education, tourism, and economic development.