UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — Santa paid a special visit to the University of Richmond campus today.

In what has become a campus tradition, Scott Tilghman, help desk manager, dons a Santa suit each year to bring holiday cheer to students during their final exams.

When the University’s Information Services Division purchased Segways in 2005 so they could easily travel across campus to address IT needs, Tilghman thought dressing up as Santa while riding a Segway and handing out candy canes would be a great way to bring smiles to students. He was right, and it’s why he’s been doing it ever since.

“It’s like magic. It really is,” said Tilghman 

Segway Santa made the rounds on campus earlier today handing out hundreds of candy canes to students — and a few lucky faculty and staff if they were in the right place at the right time.

While dressing as Santa is loads of fun, Tilghman says he recognizes the bigger impact of helping students stressed during their finals week.

“I’m around our students a lot. I know how serious and dedicated they are. Just for a minute, you see them be kids again,” Tilghman said. “They smile and take selfies. You see them in a stressful time, and they get the holiday spirit.”

Students often share photos using the hashtag #SegwaySanta.


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