UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND —  As you continue your coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, consider these University of Richmond faculty experts.

David Routt on Pandemics of the Past
David Routt, adjunct history professor, authored an article in 2008 on the economic impacts of the Black Plague. He can provide historical perspective on today's coronavirus and the pandemics of the past.

Elizabeth Outka on Pandemic Literature
Associate professor of English Elizabeth Outka researches late 19th and early 20th century literature and culture. Her latest book investigates the how one of history's deadliest plagues in history - the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic - silently reshaped the modernist era.

Kevin Pelletier on Post-Apocalyptic Culture
English professor Kevin Pelletier  is an expert on post-apocalyptic literature and can provide insight on how literature and film that explores catastrophic events can get us to think more carefully about normal everyday life. 

Additional experts are highlighted on this expert guide related to COVID-19.



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