UR Law Professor Chiara Giorgetti Appointed to Team of Scholars Advising Ukraine on International Claims and Reparations

June 21, 2022

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — Law professor Chiara Giorgetti has been named one of five senior fellows who will advise Ukraine on international claims and reparations as part of Columbia Law School’s new International Claims and Reparations Project. 

Through the new project, a team of scholars and experts will examine and propose legal frameworks for the management of international claims and reparations and offer advice on these issues to the government of Ukraine. The scholarship generated as a result of the project also will enrich the field of public international law and contribute to the peaceful settlement of disputes.

Giorgetti is an international law scholar who specializes in dispute resolution and international humanitarian law. In appointing Giorgetti, the project director and fellow international law scholar, Patrick Pearsall, noted that “Chiara’s scholarship in this area of law is preeminent, and her writing is required reading for anyone thinking about these issues.”  

“I’m honored to be part of this team and contribute to such critical international work,” said Giorgetti. “The opportunity to work to support the rule of law and the peaceful settlement of disputes is an important one and clearly shows how international law can be an effective tool that affects and protects individuals, states, and the broader international community. This is especially relevant and important today in Ukraine.” 

As part of this project, Giorgetti and the other senior fellows have already begun working with dozens of international experts acting in their personal capacity to assist ICRP and develop a feasible legal framework to manage international claims and reparations.