University of Richmond campus in fall

University of Richmond to Host Scholars from Around the World for International Conference on Medieval History

October 30, 2023

UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND — The 42nd annual International Conference of the Haskins Society will be held at the University of Richmond from Nov. 3-5. This is the second year the university has hosted the event. 

The Haskins Society is dedicated to the study of the early and central Middle Ages, with events attracting scholars from across the U.S. and world. Panelists and speakers will discuss topics such as recreating medieval spaces in virtual reality, historical writing in the 12th century, power in medieval Europe, and more.

“Medieval history is increasingly relevant today,” said Joanna Drell, professor of history at the University of Richmond and director of the conference. “The Middle Ages play an important role in shaping Western popular culture, and understanding the relationship between the medieval world and contemporary society remains a vital area of academic exploration.”

The Haskins Society is committed to supporting young scholars, and both University of Richmond faculty and students will be participating. Funding for conference attendance by junior scholars is provided by the Thomas Keefe memorial fund. The Bethell Prize will also be awarded to a conference paper written by a graduate student or non-tenured faculty. “This is a unique opportunity to bring together medievalists at all stages of their careers to share their scholarship,” said Drell.