More than an NCAA playoff berth will ride on Saturday’s oldest football rivalry in the South between the University of Richmond and The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg.

The deans of the Robins School of Business at Richmond and the Mason School of Business at William and Mary are betting their respective schools’ pride on the outcome of the 120th football game between the universities.

Nancy Bagranoff of Robins and Larry Pulley of Mason have agreed that the dean from the losing business school will wear the winner’s logo T-shirt to work all day on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Bagranoff extended the bet to Pulley in an e-mail Wednesday.

“If — or should I say, when — the Spiders bring home a win, Dean Pulley will sport a Robins School of Business shirt to work on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday,” Bagranoff explained. “In the unlikely event that we are defeated, I will go to work in a Mason School T-shirt on Nov. 29.”

Upon receipt of the news of the challenge from Bagranoff, Pulley accepted and issued a video statement in which he addressed the challenge and took particular issue with the Richmond mascot.

Bagranoff then escalated the banter by posting her own video response:

“I’m looking forward to cheering on our Spiders and sticking a red, white and blue Robin’s tee in the mail over the holiday weekend! Go Richmond!” she added.

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