Feature Stories

February 21, 2014
Nils Niemeier, '13 Classics major follows his interests to opportunity
Recent graduate and classics major discusses life at Richmond as preparation for graduate school.
February 20, 2014
Kelly Corrigan, W'89New York Times best-selling author talks writing, family, and her inspiration
Fresh off the release of her latest book, Kelly Corrigan, W’89, talks about the inspiration for Glitter and Glue, her favorite mistakes, and what she’s reading now.
Rose Wynn, '14 Internship leads to an unexpected job offer and a busy senior year

An internship leads to an unexpected job offer for Rose Wynn, ’14, and a request to work part-time this year. Now she is successfully juggling work, research and classes, all while enjoying her senior year.

February 19, 2014
Azmain Taz, '16UR Summer Fellow turns a research roadblock into an opportunity for deeper exploration
Even though everything didn't go according to plan, UR Summer Fellow Azmain Taz, ’16, turned a research roadblock into an opportunity for deeper exploration into issues affecting children's health in Bangladesh.
Deborah Pohlmann, '13For recent graduate, "home" and "lab" are never far apart
UR’s Integrated Quantitative Science program introduced Deborah Pohlmann to the breadth of science and set her on a course to graduate school at MIT.
February 11, 2014
LGBTQ College Sports SummitUR hosts first-ever summit to discuss LGBTQ climate for collegiate student-athletes
A small, internal workshop quickly for Richmond athletics staff and coaches evolved into the first-ever LGBTQ college sports summit.
Emma Materne, '14Senior develops a passion for medicine after Science in Context Sophomore Scholars Program
Emma Materne, ’14, came to Richmond to study business but soon discovered that science and medical school are her passions.
Forging an Unlikely AllianceSouthside Virginia: Where folks revolutionize Georgian architecture, bridge the Civil War, and valiantly raise vinifera

Rarely is a connection made between Georgian architecture, a Civil War battle, and the winegrowing industry.  However, that is exactly what has been forged among Woodlawn Plantation, Annefield Vineyards, Hunting Creek Vineyards, and Staunton River Battlefield State Park which historically and physically connects these two Southside localities.

Some People Can't Be ReplacedSearch committee for Osher Institute director

Osher members and University personnel have formed a search committee to hire the next direct of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

International Film SeriesFree great movies on the big screen at University of Richmond

In the mid-to-late 1990s I discovered a great source of movies for anyone that is not satisfied with seeing them on a small screen. It’s the International Film Series, which has been sponsored by the University of Richmond for many years.