Feature Stories

July 8, 2010
Noah Nelson, '04, L '11Dual Degree in Law and Business Management
Noah Nelson lives by three tenets – (1) Ask yourself why you believe what you believe, (2) Do what’s right because it’s right, and (3) The meaning of life is to help people.
Keoni Medici L'10Combining Law With a Career in the Military
"I think that political science and law are the building blocks of our society. I felt that studying law would be indispensible for whatever I wanted to do, whether it was advocacy, public interest or civil service."
Scot Riddell, '10Student-athlete encourages youth to excel in sports and academics
Football player Scot Riddell, '10, leverages his clout as a student-athlete to encourage disadvantaged youth to pursue a college education.
July 6, 2010
Spiders go to WashingtonD.C. Initiative connects students with alumni internships
The D.C. Initiative offers UR students access to summer internships in Washington, D.C., that are provided by alumni and friends of the University.
July 2, 2010
Natasha Levanti, '12Internships 2010: Helping Florida teens make the most of their time
Sarasota native builds on a previous internship with city government to find out how a nonprofit attacks the same social problems.
July 1, 2010
Rachael Deane L'10Creating Social Justice Through Direct Legal Services
"There are people who need help accessing social benefit programs, affordable housing, public education – these are things that we take for granted that people in poverty struggle to maintain on a daily basis.” Rachael has recently accepted a job working on poverty issues with HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equal) in Richmond.
Tyler Kirchoff, '10Internships 2010: Learning how to excel on a different kind of field
Redshirt-senior awaits his final Spider football season and preps for his job hunt during a summer internship at a boutique financial firm in Richmond, Va.
Advising Adult StudentsTips for adult students looking to return to school
At the University of Richmond’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS), our advice to adults looking to return to school is very student focused.
Philanthropy InstitutesNonprofits to benefit from weeklong intensives in fundraising and development and nonprofit marketing
Professionals from a variety of local and regional nonprofits met at the University of Richmond for the Institute on Philanthropy’s 2010 Summer Institute.
Chris Bell, '10Starting Out: In Manhattan at a top accounting firm
Accounting and leadership studies grad starts career at top Manhattan firm. "Accounting has structure yet there are still areas that are up to interpretation. Leadership Studies was a nice complement to a business degree."--Chris Bell, '10