On February 18, 2016, during the University of Richmond’s annual Employee Service Award ceremony, several staff members in the School of Professional and Continuing Studies earned awards for service from 5 to 35 years.

Cheryl Genovese, Summer Studies Program Manager, received her 35-year service award. Genovese started working at UR in 1980. 35 years was the longest service recognized at the ceremony.

Patricia J. Brown, Senior Associate Dean, received her 20-year service award. Brown started working at UR in 1995.

Anna Kay Travis, Operations Coordinator, received her 15-year service award. Travis started working at UR in 2000 and is earning her bachelor’s degree at SPCS.

Charlotte Cassada, Business Operations Coordinator; Jo Ann Charlesworth, Customer Service Representative; and Kathy Laing, Institute on Philanthropy Program Manager, received their 10-year service awards. All three started working at UR in 2005.

Rob McAdams, Partners in the Arts Interim Director; Tom Parfitt, Senior Noncredit Program Manager; and John Zinn, Director of Enrollment Management and Student Services, received their 5-year service awards. All three started working at UR in 2010.

The University’s Employee Service Awards Ceremony recognizes employees for service in five-year increments, started with a 5-year award and continuing until the employee leaves the University. This years ceremony was help in Camp Concert Hall in the Booker Hall of Music on February 18, 2016.