At its February meeting, the University of Richmond Board of Trustees voted to promote two SPCS faculty members to the rank of Associate Professor: Dr. D. Erik Nielson and Dr. Thomas J. Shields.

Nielson was promoted to the rank and title of Associate Professor of Liberal Arts. He serves as Assistant Chair of the Liberal Arts program and Coordinator of the SPCS Communications Core.

Shields was promoted to the rank and title of Associate Professor of Education. He serves as Chair of the Graduate Education program and Director of the University’s Center for Leadership in Education.

Since joining SPCS in 2011, Nielson has been instrumental in developing and monitoring the pathways program, a significant aspect of our undergraduate degrees. His work has included enhancing the Online Writing Lab to ensure its responsiveness to students.

Shields joined SPCS in 2010 and has been a consistent contributor to the regional conversations around educational leadership, poverty and equity, partnering with VCU Education faculty and other organizations to ensure meaningful exchange on these topics.

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts
Assistant Chair, Liberal Arts
Interim Chair, Liberal Arts (Fall 2017)
Program Chair, Graduate Education
Associate Professor, Education
Director, Center for Leadership in Education
Educational leadership
School leadership