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The Media & Public Relations team is at the ready to offer you the latest University of Richmond news. We will help facilitate your interviews, locate experts for you and find you the best art to go with your story. Within the newsroom you will find the University’s releases, stories that showcase the vibrancy of the community and our latest tweets.

Featured Experts on Politics

  • Women in Politics

    Crystal Hoyt is a professor of leadership studies and psychology. Her expertise includes women and minority leaders in influential positions in politics. She can offer insights on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in this historic election. 

  • VP Nominee

    Dan Palazzolo is the chair of the Department of Political Science. He can lend his expertise to stories about campaign reaction, voting behavior, political methodology, budget policy and more. He is also an expert on democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine, and has been widely quoted about him, including on NBC News.

  • Urban Politics

    Thad Williamson is an associate professor of leadership studies and philosophy, politics, economics and law. His expertise includes urban politics and sprawl, community economic development and politics in the City of Richmond.

Need an Expert? Contact Us

Cynthia Price, Director of Media & PR

Sunni Brown, Assistant Director of Media & PR

Political ExpertsUniversity of Richmond faculty members are available to share their expertise on the 2016 Presidential Campaign, including key issues and topics important to voters. UR’s Media and Public Relations team can help to connect you with faculty, as well as identify other potential resources as issues emerge during this campaign year.

See this Media Tip Sheet for more details.

Media Releases

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