Amanda Haviland, ’10, has always had a passion for art, but her strengths in analytical thinking and leadership led her to the University's Robins School of Business.

Richmond’s liberal arts environment, however, allowed Haviland to pursue both her strengths and her passions in her education. Haviland will graduate with a degree in a business administration with concentrations in marketing and arts management and an art history minor.

“The arts management program is a perfect fit for all of my interests,” Haviland said. “I’ve learned how to apply my business skills in the world of museums and non-profit organizations. Arts management has shown me how similar and how different the goals and operations of nonprofits and for-profit [organizations] can be.”

Haviland’s favorite part of the arts management program is the involvement with the local arts culture in the city of Richmond and on campus. She’s had the opportunity to hold arts management-related positions both on and off campus.

Last summer Haviland received an Arts and Sciences fellowship grant to create an ancient coin installation for the Lora Robins Gallery of Design from Nature. Haviland gained curating experience from a museum studies class she took the previous semester. In the class students created an exhibit, which provided Haviland with an understanding of the fundamentals of museum operations.

“There is no concrete formula to complete an exhibition, so I experimented and I learned a lot of it as I went along,” she said. “Throughout the process I had a lot of help from the awesome University of Richmond museum staff. Curating the exhibit was an entirely new experience and a great practical adventure.”

Currently, Haviland works for both the Children’s Museum of Richmond and the University Museums.

As a junior, Haviland became a museum attendant greeting guests for the University Museums. While working as an attendant, she heard about several other opportunities available to students, including a marketing assistant position. She applied for the position and was hired.

“Working as a marketing assistant for the University Museums has been a great hands-on opportunity for me as a marketing major. I have created fliers, written press releases, hosted events, made presentations, monitored social media and much more,” she said.

Similarly, as an intern at the Children’s Museum of Richmond, Haviland merges her marketing skills and artistic eye. She works primarily with volunteer coordination and social media at the museum.

“I have taken part in many meetings at the Children’s Museum of Richmond, which has helped me understand how all the different departments of the organization work together,” she said. “I've learned thought my experience that even with limited resources a lot can be accomplished with passion and commitment.”

Haviland said her favorite experiences involving the arts management program involve developing marketing strategies for both the Children’s Museum and the University Museums.

“The goal of attracting more visitors to the museums is challenging and seeing an increase as a result of my marketing plans is incredibly rewarding,” she said. “And just being in the museums, learning and making even a small contribution, is great.”

Haviland’s dream job is to be the marketing manager for a large urban museum.

“The arts can be entertaining and enlightening,” she said. “I want to make everyone aware of those opportunities.”