Media & Public Relations, part of University Communications, is the external relations arm of the university, and drives the news and public information efforts of University of Richmond.

It is the Media & PR team’s policy to be as helpful as possible to news media seeking access to facilities while upholding the university’s mission and maintaining the reasonable privacy expectation of students and others.

News media and the public are welcome on the University of Richmond campus, but the public and reporters do not have the right to indiscriminate access to UR buildings or other facilities.

Media guidelines

  • Media representatives must arrange interviews and photo shoots with University of Richmond faculty, staff and students in advance through the UR Media & PR team.
  • Media representatives may not enter residence halls or campus apartments or position themselves at the entrances to residence halls or apartments. Residence halls are closed to the media.
  • A University Media & PR staff person may accompany any reporters, video crews and photographers while on campus to ensure confidentiality, privacy and appropriate sensitivity to students, faculty and staff.
  • Requests to conduct professional photoshoots or film commercial enterprises on campus should be directed to urevents@richmond.edu.
  • Media representatives must seek permission to enter or shoot in interior spaces, including libraries, classrooms, dining areas, Tyler Haynes Commons, administrative buildings and athletic facilities. Permission is usually granted as long as the media activities do not disrupt university activities, interfere with privacy or jeopardize the safety of university faculty, staff, students, visitors or facilities.
  • Media representatives must park in designated visitor parking.