In early March, I joined 22 Richmond MBA classmates in a journey to Córdoba, Argentina.  Throughout the MBA program, we have studied the global environment of business from the classroom.  The International Residency presented us the opportunity to experience international business first-hand.  More than a trip or a tour, our Argentine adventure provided a full immersion in Latin American business, economics, and commerce.

For eight weeks leading up to our travels, we studied Argentina’s history, economics, culture, and language with Dr. Cossé and visiting experts.  The Robins School matched us with five Argentine companies to whom we would serve as consultants: Croppers, Femfood, Junot, Feeling Pampas, and Beclever.  Each of these companies has achieved success in Argentina.  Now, they are seeking to expand internationally and many hope to export their products and services to the U.S.

What makes the Richmond MBA different from other MBA programs is the practical, experiential nature of the International Residency.  We enjoyed full access to the talented leaders directing these companies in Argentina.  We visited company headquarters, met with the executives leading strategy, and reviewed financial statements.  In the coming weeks, we will put together our analyses of these businesses and make recommendations on their forthcoming global expansion strategies.

In a future blog post, I’ll share with you some of the special features and successes of the company my team studied: Croppers.

Travels abroad often develop deeper understanding of people, places, and cultures.  For those of us in the Richmond MBA program, the International Residency achieves all these goals while also advancing our understanding of and experience with international business.  Our time in Argentina and our work with the nation’s resilient companies will undoubtedly increase the value of our Richmond MBA experience.

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