As president of the Jepson School Government Association, Alex Cramer pledges to bridge the gap between student body wishes and administration needs and move the organization forward with new programs and stronger communication.

We’re trying to foster a Jepson community of active minds, participative government and facilitating administration,” he said, “administration that’s willing to work with the students.”

In the past year, the JSGA surveyed students to provide input to proposed changes in the general education requirements. “We’re the ones who’ve actually gone through those classes and hated or loved them,” he said. Now that those curriculum changes have gone through the faculty's approval process, the coming academic year offers opportunities for a new focus for JSGA.

He is working closely with Associate Dean for Student and External Affairs Kerstin Soderland on new ideas for programs to enhance student development and further Jepson's position as a center for the study of leadership.

Says Soderlund: “I think there is an opportunity for JSGA to more actively engage the intellect of fellow students by expanding and diversifying the programs that it offers.

"It is critical for members of the JSGA to be representatives who are actively engaging with and assessing the interests and concerns of their peers,” Soderlund said. “This is critical as JSGA has the responsibility to speak for Jepson students regarding School and University issues."

A goal is to continue to promote better discussion and communication of student concerns through technology. “E-districts,” constituent groups of 7 to 12 students, will be assigned to senators who will be responsible for community with their E-district on concerns and ideas.

Cramer hails from Cincinnati. He is a leadership studies major with minors in business administration and law and the liberal arts.

The role of the JSGA president is to help the group identify direction and goals for the year and if focus strays, help the group revisit and reevaluate its progress," said Soderlund. "The president is also a representative across campus, serving on myriad committees and attending more regularly scheduled meetings than any Jepson student would imagine.”

Cramer said he was proud to be a representative of the Jepson School. “In my mind it’s the best major out there,” he said. “Jepson gives you technical skills and also teaches you theory. It allows you to infuse meaning into your life. It forces you to dig deeper."

An active student, Cramer works in the Richmond College Dean's Office. He is the former faculty relations chair of the Richmond College Honor Council. He is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Hillel, plays Richmond Men's Club Lacrosse, and sits on the student affairs committee.

This summer he will work as a business analyst at Capital One’s West Creek campus in Richmond and hopes to secure a full time position with the company when he graduates in December.