According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the job outlook for 2010 is looking up. Employers surveyed report that they plan to hire 5.3 percent more graduates than they did in 2009. 

In Richmond, we still have a ways to go, as according to the Richmond Times Dispatch, “more than one of every 12 area residents who want to work are jobless.”

Fortunately, we are seeing an increase in opportunities here at the Robins School.  Hiring over the last six months for Richmond MBAs has increased, with folks taking jobs with the following companies:

Alstom Power
Bon Secours
Capital One (2)
Department of Homeland Security
Ironworks Consulting
Merrill Lynch
StellarOne Bank
Greater Richmond Partnership

We also have three students who have started their own businesses:  a franchise, a graphics design company, and a marketing consultancy.

Many of our students are still on the job hunt.  According to the latest Challenger Index, “the top most difficult parts of the job search (as identified by job seekers) are: obtaining interviews (16.5%), lack of work (15.4%), age (9.3%), networking (7.7%), looking for jobs (6.0%), and resumes (5.5%).”  Using networks to find opportunities was the best way our students got the results they wanted.

Even after networking, getting interviews, and getting offers, some of our recent graduates have waited a year to accept an offer with a company and industry that they wanted. Michael Copty, one of our 2008 graduates revised his job search game plan and decided to “construct a new, aggressive plan to isolate and search for a career.”   Michael said he would “set goals and measure progress by the number of people that he was able to speak with."  For Michael, his plan paid off, and he has accepted a position with StellarOne Bank.

Grant Garcia, class of 2009 has landed a position with Merrill Lynch in New York. Grant reports that his interview process with Merrill Lynch was “an exhausting process – 7 interviews total, over two and a half months.” He will work in their Global Wealth Management in the Rockefeller office. Another 2009 graduate, Iryna Butler, just landed a much-desired position with Alstom Power. She says she is appreciative of her connection with The Richmond MBA in helping her with her job search. Through the Richmond MBA Iryna says she “received valuable academic and career coaching and learned the value of networking, negotiations and professional etiquette.” 

Dave Wilson, president and CEO of GMAC says the “success individuals with graduate management degrees continue to have when looking for employment –even in a down economy—is further evidence of the high value employers place on education.”