Hometown: Bedford, N.H.
Double major in leadership studies and rhetoric and communication studies. Minor in Latin American & Iberian studies
Edison International in Washington, D.C.
On campus activities:
Off the Cuff a cappella, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, student admission representative, orientation adviser.

Why did you decide to intern with Edison International? What drew you to the organization?

I have always been interested in politics and was eager to learn more about the legislative process, public policy, and how to promote effective communication between businesses and government. At the public affairs office of Edison International, located in the heart of D.C., I knew I would be able to witness this firsthand.

What is your role there?

I have many intern duties at Edison such as researching legislative and regulatory issues related to the electric utility industry using various media outlets. I locate documents from Congress and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and various trade associations as requested by managers. When managers are swamped, I attend congressional hearings, take notes, and submit typed summaries of the hearings. I have also had to update matrices critical to the outreach work done by managers and assist in putting together informational packets for legislative hearings and meetings. 

What is an average day like?

Every day is different. Some days are extremely busy, especially when an executive is visiting the office or when legislation that will affect Edison is being discussed on the House or Senate floor. There have been days that I have made three trips to Capitol Hill throughout the course of the day to deliver documents.

Are you finding connections between what you’ve studied and what you’re learning on the job?  

In my classes I have had a lot of experience doing group work. Coming into the internship with knowledge about what works well when it comes to group work was extremely helpful.

How do you think this experience will benefit you in the future?

One piece of advice one of the managers shared with me has stayed with me. She told me: “You can never get too comfortable. You always need to be thinking about the future and how you can get ahead.” During my time here I have seen that ambition is vital in business and political environments. Her advice inspired me to be ambitious as I start thinking about my career.

The internship also provided me with the insight and experience I needed to start forging a path for my career. The exposure to the culture of the House of Representatives and Senate has inspired me to try to get a job on Capitol Hill after I graduate. The experience of working on Capitol Hill is valuable because you learn exactly how legislation is passed and have the opportunity to make connections that can shape your career. 

What has been the most interesting part of the internship so far?

Shadowing the managers during their meetings with congressional staffers has been the most memorable and interesting part of the internship. On a few occasions I have been lucky enough to meet members of Congress when I attend these meetings.