Former University of Richmond football player, Connor McMahan R ’10, found his passion for investment banking during his internship with Boxwood Partners, LLC while he was in school.

Before his internship with Boxwood Partners, Connor tried out an internship with an insurance brokerage and decided it wasn’t the best fit for him.  Connor was introduced to Patrick Galleher R ‘95, Managing Director of Boxwood, during his internship. 

“Patrick made the mistake of giving me a tiny bit of positive reinforcement over the phone, so I called him until he got tired of hearing from me every day.  I worked with Boxwood Capital Partners that summer and also helped with mergers and acquisitions when needed,” Connor said.

Connor continued his internship through his senior year and was impressed with the amount of real- world experience he was given as an intern. 

“I didn’t just do secretary work, they let me dive in and hit the ground running--something that most internships don’t let you do. I made a lot of cold calls, and helped the firm a ton with deal flow,” he said.

The experience Connor gained through his internship helped with his job search. Connor said: “I stayed senior year part-time and received job offers from other private equity groups and investment banks, but decided to stay with Boxwood because of the responsibility the firm would give me.  The hands-on experience I received with Boxwood gave me a leg up on my interviews with other firms.”

Connor now works as an Investment Banking and Private Equity Analyst and is still given hands-on opportunities on a daily basis.  “After his graduation he made us aware that he wanted to come on board full-time, and after a very successful internship he made us feel he was ready for a full-time analyst position,” Patrick said.

“I get to do more than crunch numbers all day. [I have] opportunities beyond the normal analyst role, and they allow me to work closely with all parts of the businesses we own. I get to spend time with our investors, constantly meet new companies and owners, and learn valuation and the mergers and acquisition process from some of the smartest guys I know,” according to Connor.

Connor has found his niche at Boxwood and has gotten turned on to entrepreneurship as a result.  “I joined this group because of the entrepreneurial experience I am getting.  This is truly the perfect job, and a mixture between investment banking, private equity, and running a business,” he said.

During his internship, Connor discovered Office Saver, an online office supply company, that Boxwood Partners has now acquired.  The site has over 30,000 products that are shipped from 40 different websites. 

“During this process, I have learned important aspects such as search engine optimization, and have really enjoyed working with e-commerce companies. We also own one of the largest coffee and tea retailers on the web called Coffee Wholesale USA and Snack Warehouse, an e-commerce site for healthy snacks. All of these are growing quickly,” according to Connor.

The time Connor spent at the Robins School was just as valuable to his career path as his internship.  “The Robins School has given me the foundation which I use for work every day. I use all of the skills from school at work today and couldn't do what I do now without it. Our school pushes us to attain a certain attention to detail, which is very important in investment banking,” he said.