Exactly how does a first-year student in college prepare herself for law school? Maintaining high grades, preparing for the Law School Admissions Test and gaining meaningful experience all take priority.

For Aleena Sorathia, a University of Richmond sophomore majoring in international studies and minoring in Spanish, the first step on her journey to law school was to visit the Career Development Center.

“The best thing the CDC does is provide ample resources for figuring out a personal plan to accomplish all your goals,” said Sorathia. “I think that it’s easy to think that the CDC is solely for juniors and seniors looking for internships and career options. But the CDC has resources for students trying to figure out their direction and one-on-one help if you have absolutely no idea where to start.”

Sorathia met with a CDC advisor to get connected with the university’s pre-law advisors, learn about places to find internships and get in touch with alumni working in law. She also took the CDC’s wellness course, “Career Exploration,” and participated in Destination Unknown to connect with other sophomores and further develop her plan for success.

After law school, Sorathia plans on pursuing a career at a law firm.

“I’ve always loved working with people and finding creative new ways of applying old theories,” said Sorathia. “I think the most powerful tool for helping people comes through providing them with knowledge of their rights.”