The sounds of hammers pounding and saws cutting may still fill the air of Queally Hall, but when students return to campus in January, the new facility will be open for business.

The 37,000-square-foot addition to the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business, which houses the No. 15 undergraduate business program in the nation, was designed to enhance the student experience at the University. New features include business research and teaching centers, a finance trading room, a café, a 225-seat auditorium, and numerous classrooms, offices, and student meeting rooms.

“What I really love about Queally is that it gives us so much student space,” says Nancy Bagranoff, dean of the Robins School. “We want to provide our students with the best business education possible and having space for them supports that goal. The great business schools are building more student-centric facilities so it makes us competitive.”

One highlight of the new facility is the trading room. It features a stock ticker and a video wall comprised of six 47-inch screens that flash financial data and announcements, as well as 14 computer stations with dual monitors. The space will serve as a resource area, particularly for finance students to meet and research stocks. “When you go in there, you see Wall Street; you feel that in the room,” Bagranoff says.

“There’s a trading room arms race in finance,” says David North, associate professor of finance and David Meade White Distinguished Teaching Fellow. “Business schools are not just a building of classrooms and offices anymore. They’re becoming a destination to study, a destination to do work.”

The school’s international business programs office also is moving into a suite in Queally Hall, bringing together the program staff in a common area. Queally Hall also features office space for visiting international scholars.

“[Visiting faculty] like to be near others in their discipline, so it’s good for us to have space for international business right here in the business school building,” says Tom Cossé, professor of marketing and associate dean for international programs. “And the technology will make it easier for us to do video conferencing and work with faculty and students in other parts of the world.”

A dedication on March 30 will recognize the support of lead donors Paul B. Queally and Anne-Marie Flinn Queally, both 1986 Phi Beta Kappa graduates of the University, and all who contributed to the new facilities. The event will include a dedication ceremony, reception and open house, building tours, and a co-sponsored leadership forum with the Jepson School for Leadership Studies featuring Ali Velshi, chief business correspondent and host of “Your $$$$$” on CNN.

A more intimate celebration for is planned for Jan. 10, when Queally Hall’s classrooms open for the first day of the spring semester.

“You don’t build facilities like this without that support,” Bagranoff says. “Jan. 10 will be a big party around here.”

“Since I attended the University of Richmond, the value of my education has accelerated like nothing else,” says Paul Queally. "We’ve got to give back. The endowment is funding such a great education and everyone gets a scholarship because someone else has donated. When Anne-Marie and I made the donation, it was a spectacular thing — one of the greatest days of my life.”