Over a decade ago, Patricia H. Gallagher accepted her Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from the School of Continuing Studies and realized that it was only the beginning of her academic journey. Since then, she has earned degrees from both Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia, yet she remains loyal first and foremost to the University of Richmond.

“From both a personal perspective and professionally speaking, Richmond has made a marked difference in my life. It has provided a well-rounded, comprehensive education and shepherded me through an educational path that has served me well,” she explains. “The sense of connectivity among its student body, faculty, and staff makes Richmond unique and lures its alumni to return for educational purposes, professional training and networking opportunities.”

Currently Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Planning for EVB, a bank headquartered in Tappahannock, Va., Gallagher has served on the SCS Dean’s Advisory Council since its inception seven years ago.

“Has it been that long?” she quips. “It certainly doesn’t seem it! The DAC is such a great networking group: everyone on the team brings something different to the table. My involvement has proved to be a wonderful opportunity to work with a forward-thinking, diverse group of alumni and professionals who are dedicated to and passionate about SCS, this University and its mission. It’s gratifying to be a part of these efforts, thinking strategically long term and implementing those strategies.”

A self-proclaimed “advocate of life-long learning,” Gallagher believes that learning does not end with a class or degree. “A good education inspires students and stimulates their appetite for continued intellectual growth,” she says. “It keeps you coming back for more, it opens your eyes, it makes you want to do and see more. I always return to Richmond because the professors are so well-versed and the student body is so engaged. They seem to be on a higher intellectual plane here, always looking for more.”

As an enduring sign of her commitment, Gallagher recently endowed a new gift through the planned giving program. She joins the Charter Associates legacy tradition, a society of dedicated donors who give back to the University through gifting, generous donations of their time, and their loyal allegiance.

“I’m delighted to be able to make this gift, and I have wanted to since my earliest involvement with the DAC,” she explains. “I am indebted to the University for the many gifts that it has bestowed upon me. It is my genuine hope that this legacy endowment opens a door for a student to matriculate and delight in a rich, liberal arts education.”

“I see my relationship with Richmond as a lifelong opportunity to be involved, to grow, to give back, and to see the fruits of your labor blossom. Like the proverbial mustard seed, you can come here with a small initial goal and before you know it, you achieve it, and it can grow into a bigger goal, leading you to achieve more,” Gallagher suggests. “I believe my bachelor’s degree has served me so well. I wouldn’t change a thing!”