The annual Employee Service Awards, held March 24, celebrated the dedication of University of Richmond staff.

In addition to honoring employees with five to 40 years of service, four staff members were selected for the Outstanding Service Award, which recognizes employees who best exemplify the spirit and mission of the institution through superior service and contributions. One award winner is selected from each of the following categories: administrative, clerical support, dining services and service/maintenance.

The four winners were all selected based on how they excel in their positions, and for their contributions to the University community. But the four recipients share something else — they all agree that what keeps them excited to come in each morning is the people they work with every day.

Administrative: Phil Joseph, Science Stockroom Manager

After seven years at the University, Phil Joseph, science stockroom manager, is an integral member of both the chemistry and biology departments. He maintains and oversees the stockrooms in Gottwald Center for the Sciences, including ordering and distributing chemicals, gases and laboratory supplies, while controlling department spending and minimizing waste. He also plays an accounting role, managing the disbursement of grant funds for supplies. “[Working with faculty] is interesting and stimulating,” Joseph says. “You learn a lot listening to people and you’re exposed to more perspectives than if you worked with people just like you. It’s humbling that [my coworkers] would take the time to nominate me for this award.”

Clerical Support: Martha Pittaway, Assistant to the Vice President for Enrollment Management

After nine years with the University, Martha Pittaway, assistant to the vice president for enrollment management, is known for responding to any request or problem with, “No worries, I’ll take care of it.” Her positive attitude and strong attention to detail supports the Office of Undergraduate Admission in promoting the mission of the University and organizing programs to recruit prospective students. Pittaway also engages with the University beyond her role by serving on campus committees and helping plan the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events. She is also a student in the School of Continuing Studies and served as president of the school’s student government association. “This is a wonderful place to work and it’s exciting to feel like you’re doing something to advance the next generation,” she says. “You’re doing something good for the world.”

Service/Maintenance: Bobby Hayes, Technical Support Consultant

Bobby Hayes may have first set foot on campus as the son of a UR employee, but after 13 years with Information Services, today he’s known across the University in his own right for his expertise in computer support. Customers and colleagues alike value Hayes’ ability to help others feel at ease with technology in his role as a technical support consultant. He offers assistance in solving any problem, no matter how simple or complex. He also accepts challenges without hesitation and is constantly growing his knowledge base, as technology changes on a constant basis. “It’s unbelievable to be recognized by your peers [in this way],” he says. “Everyone here is so caring. It’s just awesome.”

Dining Services: Patricia Manspeaker, Line Attendant

In her two years at the University, Patricia Manspeaker has welcomed patrons at Heilman Dining Center with a positive attitude and a friendly nature. As a line attendant, she ensures that the food is prepared on time and served presentably, and ensures that students have anything they need. Her coworkers describe her as “a dream employee,” who “simply does things the right way,” and “makes her job looks easy.” Manspeaker says the feeling of being selected for the award was indescribable. “I was really excited and honored,” she says.