The School of Professional and Continuing Studies continued its tradition of honoring excellence among students, faculty and alumni during its annual SPCS Night celebration.

The School bestowed the following awards during the ceremony.

Student Academic Awards

  • Richard W. Leatherman, Sr., and Ida Mae Leatherman Mace Award: Rebecca Hubbard
  • U.S. Flag Bearer: Elizabeth Stagg
  • University of Richmond Flag Bearer: Sunni Brown
  • SPCS Banner Bearer: Sara Worley

Golden Key Awards

  • Sunni Brown
  • Kelly Maiden
  • Elisa Tedona

Jean H. Proffitt Student Service Award: Kimberley Payne

Annual Book Awards


  • James W. Lanham Award for Excellence in Curriculum and Instruction: Amalia Kobelja
  • Catherine S. Fisher Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership: George Fohl, Jr.

Human Resource Management

  • Steve Neal Book Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement: Shirley Emeh
  • Steve Neal Book Award for Outstanding Graduate Achievement: Lindsay Spann

Information Systems

  • George E. Christopher and George W. Swartz Memorial Book Award: Lucia Tsui

IT Management

  • McDonald Davis Jr. Book Award: Chad Harris

Liberal Arts

  • Investment Consultants and Management Company of Virginia Book Award: Sara Worley
  • Daniel McDonald Roberts and Frances Taylor Roberts Master of Liberal Arts Memorial Book Award: Sunni Brown

Nonprofit Studies

  • Louis J. Narduzzi Memorial Book Award: Mary Wood

Paralegal Studies

  • William R. Marshall Jr. Memorial Book Award: Rebecca Hubbard

Teacher Licensure Program

  • Samuel E. Perry, Jr. and Nancy B. Perry Book Award (Grades K-6): Jesse Lucabaugh
  • Ann C. Taylor Book Award (Grades 7-12): Aline Dolan

Additional Awards and Honors

  • Elizabeth Spindler Scott Book Scholarship Award: Thomas Dever
  • Taylor Kie Cousins Award for Service to the University Community: Christopher Dilworth
  • Colonel (U.S.A., Ret.) Porcher L. Taylor, Jr., Ph.D. Book Award for Community Leadership: David Kern 
  • Joanita Bbaale Senoga Book Award in Recognition of Academic Excellence by a Student Whose Native Language is not English: Maria Diaz
  • The Stratton and Peggy Almond Memorial Book Scholarship Awards
    • Kelly Davis (First Year)
    • Joann Clack (Final Year)
  • Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed. Comprehensive Exams: Passing with Distinction
    • Colleen Connolly
    • Rebecca Rose
    • Sonya Smith
  • Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Comprehensive Exams: Passing with Distinction
    • Maria Bartz
    • Sara Blackburn
    • Shelley Burns
    • Ben Court
    • George Fohl
    • Tracey Horvath
    • Toni Kilpatrick
    • Kadie Parsley
    • Elisa Tedona

Commencement Speakers

  • Student Speaker: Kendyl Crawley Crawford
  • Gibb Family Distinguished Alumni Award: Robert Reed, C’13
  • Itzkowitz Family Distinguished Adjunct Faculty Award: Wendell C. Roberts

Event Program

SPCS Night 2018 Opening Montage