During July’s “Comparative Leadership in a Global Context” Summer Study Abroad program for graduate SPCS students, the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies and the Ludwigsburg University of Education (LUE) in Ludwigsburg, Germany, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) committing to cross-institutional cooperation and support.

The memorandum, signed by SPCS Dean Dr. Jamelle Wilson and LUE Rector Dr. Martin Fix, follows up on the visit of this summer’s inaugural SPCS Visiting Scholar, Dr. Pierre Tulowitzki from LUE. Among other activities, Tulowitzki participated in the Summer Study Abroad program by preparing SPCS students for the visit and engaging students during their study abroad experience at LUE. The relationship between SPCS and LUE has been building over several years through staff visits, SPCS student learning experiences at LUE, and other cross-institutional collaborative efforts.

The memorandum addresses collaboration in the following areas:

  • Promoting exchanges of information and material, joint research, staff exchanges, and joint service activity.
  • Combined participation in Summer Study Program and International Education Management (INEMA) Program, teaching activities in Ludwigsburg, Cairo, and/or Richmond.
  • Additional activity, including exchange of teaching and research material and joint proposals for research, service and/or entrepreneurship.

The agreement was signed on July 25 in Ludwigsburg and remains in effect for three years from the date of signing, renewable annually thereafter.

Present at the signing of the memorandum were representatives from LUE and SPCS. From LUE were Pierre Tulowitzki and other professors from LUE along with Rector Fix. From SPCS were Andrew Schoeneman, Assistant Professor of Nonprofit Studies; Kate Cassada, Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Center for Leadership in Education; and Tom Shields, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Chair of Graduate Education and Associate Professor of Education and Leadership Studies.

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