The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has funded an additional cohort of educators from around the Commonwealth to enroll in the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies online English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Praxis test preparation course.

Licensed Virginia educators who receive VDOE-approved passing scores on the ESOL Praxis test are eligible to add the English as a Second Language PreK-12 endorsement to their teaching license.

In response to the statewide shortage of ESOL teachers, VDOE invited to this latest cohort personnel from school divisions that seek ESL-endorsed teachers within their faculty. Each identified division was eligible to send two teachers to take the SPCS ESOL Test Preparation course, with tuition covered by the VDOE.

The purpose of the SPCS ESOL Praxis Test Preparation course is to provide current educators the knowledge and skills needed to address the unique needs of English learners. Upon completing the preparation course, they are better equipped to pass the ESOL Praxis test and receive the add-on ESL endorsement to their license.

The most recent cohort of students is taking the online course during the fall 2019 semester. The course builds on the success of the spring 2018 pilot and the program’s subsequent implementation.

The program is funded by Title III Grant funds issued to the VDOE from the U.S. Department of Education. The online course is taught by Dr. Laura Kuti, Assistant Professor of Education and Assistant Chair of Teacher Education, who brings her expertise in culturally and linguistically diverse learners to the classroom.

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