The School of Professional & Continuing Studies now offers fully online professional education and enrichment coursework and programs for the summer through its Think Again class schedule.

Effective through at least the end of August 2020, the School of Professional & Continuing Studies is offering exclusively online coursework and programs. This pivot to online offerings comes in response to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has deeply affected higher education, as it has done to most other industries. We’re fortunate to be supported by the University of Richmond in these efforts to pivot to remote and online learning. Our goal is to support the Richmond community with quality online opportunities to address the immediate, short-term and career-long training and learning needs of its professionals.

We’re acutely aware that Richmonders may be struggling. We want to help. In response, our professional education and lifelong learning programs have ramped up our online offerings to better, more immediately meet the needs of Richmond’s professionals and career-seekers.

In Think Again, we’ve implemented a program-wide restructuring of our offerings to highlight online learning opportunities. Within existing and new Areas of Study, we’ve developed a career-focused framework for organizing courses, certificates and programs. We’ve carefully selected online classes and programs that meet career-focused needs of professionals. And we’ve widened and deepened our online offerings to meet our students where they are, online.

Within each Area of Study, we’ve categorized our courses and programs by career goal. Those exploring career options or seeking enrichment can check out the Career-Curious & Enrichment category. Those seeking to build career-based skills are invited to review the Career-Level category. And senior professionals looking for advancement can see opportunities in the Professional-Level category.

Wherever you are in your career, we want to provide accessible, high-quality training and coursework that will help you take the next step — whatever that step may be. The summer print edition of Think Again details our new approach and shares stories of those who’ve benefited from the opportunities available at the University of Richmond through the School of Professional & Continuing Studies.