Registration for Spring Osher Institute online classes is now available online

December 15, 2020

Registration for Spring 2021 classes offered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Richmond is now available online.

In our ongoing response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Spring 2021 schedule of Osher Institute classes features only online classes. Osher Institute staff and course leaders have continued working to provide high-quality classes remotely, ensuring that members and leaders alike are able to keep our Web healthy.

As always, Osher members should log into the registration portal and register online. As a reminder, members may register for up to ten classes in a single transaction. Members may complete unlimited transactions to complete their registrations.

Course descriptions and instructors apppear in the print edition of the Spring 2021 catalog, and course leaders have the option to include additional information in the online description that may not appear in the print edition. We’re aware that many Spring 2021 print catalogs have not yet been received by members, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Although we met all internal and external deadlines for printing the catalog, the catalogs have not yet made their way to member’s mailboxes. As the Osher staff noted in a recent email message to members, “Well, 2020 strikes again.”

All classes are now open for registration. To access the online catalog and register for classes, visit