Former Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling joins SPCS instructional team

January 12, 2021

Bill Bolling headshotThe Honorable Bill Bolling, former lieutentant governor (2006-2014) and state senator (1996-2005), has joined the instructional team at the University of Richmond School of Professional & Continuing Studies (SPCS) to teach a professional education courses on Virginia Politics & Government and to help facilitate the Political Campaign Management Professional Certificate program.

Bolling’s distinguished public service career includes elected offices at local and state levels. He has served as member and chairman of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors (1992-1996), as a member of the Virginia Senate (1996-2006) and as lieutenant governor of Virginia (2006-2014).

Bolling is one of the few people in Virginia’s history to serve two terms as the state’s lieutenant governor. He also has the distinction of serving with both a Democratic governor (Tim Kaine) and a Republican governor (Bob McDonnell). He brings his extensive political experience and work with both parties to provide an insider’s guide into Virginia state and local politics and government.

Bolling’s Virginia Politics & Government class serves as an introduction to the unique history of politics in Virginia, tracing ways this history influences today’s governing. Lectures in the 11-week course will cover major periods in Virginia political history, including the Colonial period, the Revolutionary period, the disruptive period (both the Civil War and Reconstruction), the Jim Crow era and Massive Resistance, and the modern period.

Students enrolled in the course will also learn about the unique structure and operation of Virginia’s state government, with sessions covering the following topics:

  • Executive, Legislative & Judicial Branches
  • State Bureaucracy
  • Budget Process and State Finances
  • Local Government in Virginia

Virginia Politics & Government is open for registration through January 22, 2021. A limited number of seats are available for this unique course led my a political legend in Virginia.

Bolling will also work with members of the instructional team to lead the Political Campaign Management Professional Certificate program. This certicate program is open for registration and starts February 1, 2021.

The Political Campaign Management Professional Certificate prepares students to successfully manage a political campaign at the local, state or federal level. It’s ideal for those seeking to become more active in the politics. Bolling’s extensive experiences in both his own party and across the aisle in Virginia politics provides valuable insight into local, state, and national politics. This insight, combined with the experience of many other leaders and presenters in the program, helps prepare students for the work required to manage a political campaign.