SPCS freezes tuition at previous year's levels for 2021-22 academic year

April 13, 2021

In response to pandemic-related economic uncertainty, the School of Professional & Continuing Studies is freezing tuition costs for the 2021-2022 academic year at the previous year’s rates.

For the 2021-22 academic year (which includes summer 2021, fall 2021 and spring 2022 terms), tuition rates for credit-earning classes will remain fixed at 2020-21 levels.

  • Undergraduate tuition: $530 per semester hour ($1,590 for a 3-hour course)
  • Graduate tuition: $665 per semester hour ($1,995 for a 3-hour course)

Additionally, SPCS continues to offer graduate courses for professional development to teachers at a flat rate of $800 per course, which represents a 60% discount off our standard graduate tuition rate.

The School maintains its dedication to eliminating add-on fees for student experiences. While students may be asked to pay for required textbooks and materials for their courses, the University charges no additional activity or technology fees as part of its semesterly billings. A $60 annual fee for parking is the only additional fee on-campus students will need to pay.

In response to unpredictable economic conditions, we’ve also worked with the Bernard Osher Foundation and the SPCS Osher Institute’s leadership to broaden eligibility for the Osher Re-Entry Scholarship, a scholarship designed to help fund undergraduate studies for students whose studies have been interrupted for some reason. The scholarship is available to any undergraduate SPCS degree-seeking student, ages 25-50, who graduated high school at least five years ago and whose studies have been interrupted for a cumulative total of five years. The five years of interrupted study do not have to have occurred in a single timespan: the interruption must total at least five years, no matter how many interruptions have occurred.

The Osher Re-Entry Scholarship is available to newly admitted and continuing students and can be applied for annually. A new application must be submitted each year to remain eligible.

The Osher Re-Entry Scholarship joins our existing SPCS Scholarships to award over $150,000 in tuition assistance each year. Our scholarship application deadlines are June 1 for fall semesters and November 1 for spring semester. Scholarships do not need to be repaid.

As we continue to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the School of Professional & Continuing Studies seeks to make its programs affordable and accessible. To learn more about tuition and scholarships, visit us at spcs.richmond.edu/tuition and spcs.richmond.edu/scholarships.